Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit
Coffee Gift Kit

Coffee Gift Kit

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The most exclusive coffee gift set

Coffee + Spices + Qahwa cups

Coffee:   200 g | 7 oz

Medium roast

Single origin Specialty Yemen Arabica

Deep earthy flavor with a hint of chocolate

Spices:   70 grams | 2.4 oz

A unique blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon & Saffron to transform your coffee to the next level

2 gift qahwa cups

Product Description

This box contains 7oz of the worlds finest Yemeni Arabica coffee with a bottle of our signature blend Starlight Starnight is a unique, blend of Cardamom, Cloves, Saffron, Cinnamon.This vibrant and exciting coffee blend is, put simply, the best. We combine our Speciality Yemeni Arabica Coffee with a secret blend of spices, intoxicating the air with fruity notes and rich aromas. This drink can be enjoyed as either a black coffee, or brewed along with our unique infusion for a thrilling experience.
Our premium 7oz Yemeni arabica coffee accompanies the signature Starlight spices blend. Medina coffee's complex flavor profile comes from rare, high quality, organic Yemeni beans. Our single origin beans are grown, harvested, and processed using traditional practices that are kind to the Earth, beneficial to our coffee farmers and support communities they live in. A delicate and intensive care goes into each and every bean to produce exclusive, high quality coffee with a truly distinct taste. Medina coffee doesn't taste like the coffee you usually buy at a grocery store. It has a deep, earthy flavor with a satisfying, lingering finish, and carries hints of chocolate... Our extraordinary Arabica coffee is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, a coffee grading organization dedicated to quality, fairness and sustainability.

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I made Cappuccino this AM with oat milk form and sprinkled on top like I usually do with pumpkin spice - it was delicious

Kate H

You will be amazed how good this coffee is with milk !

Khalil A

Your spices are amazing ❤️

Francesca M

The taste is well balanced and not acidic and its not bitter, so you enjoy the real taste of coffee

Travis R