Meet Medina

15 years ago, I fell in love…

Hi, my name is Medina and I want to share my magical journey with you.

15 years ago, I fell in love…

Hi, my name is Medina and I want to share my magical journey with you.

15 years ago, I visited Oman for the first time and was introduced to Arabic coffee. It was love at first sip! I was mesmerized by not only the taste but the culture surrounding the Arabic coffee ritual. I opened the Pandora's box of coffee, and it became an everyday part of my life. Since then, I tried over 60 different types of coffee and over a 100 different recipes. It became a true passion.

To me, having Arabic Coffee is not just a fun activity, it is a heartwarming cultural experience. I believe that introducing Arabic coffee to people is the best way to showcase Arabic hospitality and culture. Everything about the experience is truly magical. The smell of coffee and the aroma of spices fills your home as you cook. The preparation process is so relaxing. And the taste is indescribable. If you think it probably tastes like regular coffee, I promise you will be absolutely blown away.

The Arabic coffee ceremony is also a therapeutic event. Arabic coffee is a health drink, full of herbs and spices that have incredible benefits. I am a big believer in herbal remedies, and I love that feeling that I am doing something good for my body, mind, and spirit every time I take a sip.

The spiritual aspect of Arabic coffee also entices me. I love practicing mindfulness and meditation and to me, mindfulness is an integral component of preparing Arabic coffee. Arabic coffee isn’t an on-the-go foam cup drink that you get on your way to work and dump in the bin as you enter the building. Making Arabic coffee is one of those all-around rituals. It takes 30 minutes to prepare and is truly an exercise in mindfulness. You need to be present throughout the whole process, just like with meditation. And just like with meditation, you get the scientifically documented psychological benefits too. I think self-care is a must in today’s culture and Arabic coffee ceremony is one of the great ways to practice self-care. I like to say that Arabic coffee is a must-have tool for a balanced life. I think once you try it, you’ll agree.

As an adventurer and a founder of an experiential travel company, I am passionate about experiencing and sharing cultures and have traveled to over 40 countries. For over 10 years, I’ve been designing authentic expeditions across Oman (and throughout Asia and the Gulf) for travelers from around the world. Two years ago, as part of an expedition, we spent time living with Omani Bedouins. It was there that I first witnessed the original coffee preparation process and was fascinated by how much detail went into making the coffee. I had since traveled to different regions of Oman and experienced different styles and recipes of Arabic coffee. While preparation styles differ, one thing remains consistent – the friendliness and warmth of Arabic hospitality.

I love sharing the ancient and honored Arabic heritage with the world. I believe that if you want other people to fall in love with your culture, you need to first understand it yourself. I spent a lot of time discovering the history, culture and traditions of the region, and the history of coffee itself. (Did you know? The coffee drink originated in the Middle East! It’s true! You can read about it here.)

I’m not the only one who understands the cultural value of Arabic coffee. Arabic coffee is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. My passion is helping people all over the world discover authentic Arabia – rich in culture and tradition – by welcoming guests with the authentic coffee ceremony.

I love social gatherings and having people over at my house. The Arabic coffee ceremony presents the opportunity to unite people and keep them present in the moment – it is a true bonding experience.

Being an avid traveler and adventure lover, I am familiar with the ecstatic eye-opening experiences that exposure to other countries and cultures brings. I am passionate to bring this same feeling to others, in the comfort of their own homes.

My first Arabic coffee ceremony did that for me 15 years ago, and I am sure that it will do that to you too.