Experience world’s most exclusive coffee

At Medina Coffee, we discovered the best coffee beans in the world and we now bring them to you. Our exclusive beans come from Yemen and are truly special.

Coffee has been cultivated in Yemen since the 15th century and the farming practices here remain true to the time when coffee was first introduced to the world. One of the reasons why coffee from Yemen is so aromatic and distinct is because of these primitive practices.

Our small coffee farms are situated 1000s of feet above sea level in the mountains and the microclimate here is perfect for growing coffee with a layered profile of different natural tones, such as chocolate, citrus etc.

The coffee is organically grown and surrounded by various other fruit trees. Thanks to the proximity to these trees and to the work of bees, the faint notes of various fruits can be found in the coffee taste, depending on the season.

Coffee beans are found inside the small fruits called cherries. Our farmers carefully examine the trees and care for them during their growth phase. Harvesting is also done by hand which allows for extraordinary quality control practices. Afterward, these cherries are dried out in the sun and removed by hand later to reveal the coffee beans. This is where our beans pick up their distinctive rich flavors, through the drying process.